Standing atop the steep hillside, gazing south toward the Yakima River, you pause to enjoy the view.  The rockiness underfoot goes unnoticed.  Perhaps it’s the prominence, the elevation, or the aspect, but there is a sense that this vineyard is a special place. 

We believe that great wine is made in the vineyard.  We planted classic varietals in 1992 after tearing out the original orchard.  We continue to develop the vineyard with one goal in mind:  to grow the best grapes possible from our site.  Our commitment to producing the highest quality fruit has been appreciated by our winery customers, consumers of their wines, and wine reviewers. 

We welcome your interest in the DuBrul Vineyard and the wines of Côte Bonneville.

This April, Kerry embarked on a journey to Nepal for some high adventure. Unfortunately while she was there, Nepal was hit with a disastrous earthquake.

In support of her new friends, we are providing information and links on how to help rebuild Nepal.

Also you can watch interviews with Kerry on the local news.

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