The DuBrul Vineyard

Standing atop the steep hillside, you pause to enjoy the view.  The rockiness underfoot goes unnoticed.  Perhaps it’s the prominence, the elevation, or the aspect, but there is a sense that this vineyard is a special place. 

We recognize the microclimates of our 45 acre site and cater to these individually.  In distance measured by hundreds of feet or less, we observe different growing conditions and tailor our farming practices to provide for the individual needs of the vine.  Low vigor soils combined with our deficit irrigation regimen produce small berries, small clusters, and low yields from our vines. 

DuBrul Vineyard

Our own-rooted vines have a purity of expression of the vine and the soil.  The unique flavors and structure of DuBrul grapes have inspired a plethora of vineyard designated wines over the years.  Expressing this sense of place is the mission of Côte Bonneville. 

DuBrul Vineyard is consistently recognized as one of the top vineyards in Washington State. The vineyard has been honored with the award of Vineyard of the Year in 2007 and again in 2009. DuBrul Vineyard designated wines, from Côte Bonneville and others, have consistently been well received by critics and sought after by consumers world wide.

Phone: (509) 643-4569


Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Private Tastings & Vineyard Tours Available by Appointment

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